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Curious about Holy Week?

Lent Catechesis 2010: Curious about Holy Week


Holy Week - the time between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday - is the most important time of the Church’s year, as we celebrate the great mystery of the Lord’s death and resurrection (the ‘Paschal Mystery’). As these events are recalled in the liturgy, we actively live through them with Christ and once more receive the benefits of His saving death.


The Cathedral’s Lenten programme of catechesis in 2010 focuses on Holy Week and the way in which the Paschal Mystery is celebrated by the Church. Five talks, taking place on Tuesday evenings, will lead up to the liturgical celebration of Holy Week, giving us an opportunity to appreciate more deeply the richness of the Church’s liturgy over these days.


These five talks are completely free of charge and take place in Saint Walburge’s chapel (the former ‘day chapel’, which is accessed from the Pastoral Centre car park on Balmoral Road, not via the main Cathedral entrance), beginning at 7:30pm and over by 9:00pm at the latest.


There will also be input on the Cathedral newsletter.


More information

A 3-fold flyer, detailing the talks, is available in pdf format here.

A poster giving talk titles and dates is available here.


Please feel free to print, distribute or display the leaflet and poster.


If you have any queries about these events, please contact us.