Adopt a pipe and become an 'Organ Donor'!

There are many ways that you can help to support the Cathedral Organ Appeal; you might make a one-off donation, try and attend as many concerts at the Cathedral as you can (did you know that all proceeds from these events go into the Cathedral Organ Fund?), sponsor Canon Stephen as he plays hymns and recitals at parishes throughout the Diocese, or simply make sure that you tell someone who might not know about our Cathedral Organ Appeal.

The Adopt-a-Pipe scheme is another way in which you might consider participating. The idea is simple: the Cathedral organ has 1886 pipes which range in size from huge 16' Trombone and Contra Bass pipes to tiny 2” pipes in the uppermost notes of the Voix Celeste pipes. By sponsoring one or more pipes, you will help us to reach our fundraising goal while at the same time playing a special part in securing the legacy of our beautiful organ for future generations.

You can sponsor a pipe in your own name, as a gift to a friend or relative (maybe in honour of a birthday, Christening or as a retirement gift) or in memory of a loved one. Pipes can be sponsored by a single person or by a family, a Parish group or even by a business. There are also smaller parts of the organ which can be sponsored for just a few pounds; even children can use their pocket money to play a part in the preservation of the organ.

Here is how it works: Select the number and size of the pipe(s) that you would like to sponsor (Extra Large-£150 per pipe, Large-£100, Medium-£50, or Small-£25). Next, choose a type of pipe (Big Reed, Small Reed, Large Principal, Medium Principal, Small Principal, Large Flute or Small Flute).

Tell us the name(s) and any message (e.g. 'in memory of' or 'on the Baptism of'). Finally, remember to write your name and address and the address to which you would like your sponsorship certificate to be sent.

Write all these details on a piece of paper or apply for a sponsorship form, enclose, along with the correct donation (please make any cheques payable to the Cathedral Organ Fund), in an envelope addressed to:

Cathedral Organ Fund,
Cathedral House,
Balmoral Road,
Lancaster, LA1 3BT.

You will then be assigned a pipe and your sponsorship certificate will be sent to the address indicated on your Adopt-a-Pipe form.

For obvious reasons it will not be possible for us to inscribe individual pipes or to place plaques, etc on to the organ itself. We will, however, keep very detailed records of all donations and the inscription for each pipe and its donor will be entered into the Cathedral Organ Appeal Book.  

Cathedral Organ Fund: Adopt-a-Pipe scheme
For more details or an application form, contact Caroline Hull on 01524 384820, or email: