Information for Visitors
The Cathedral welcomes visitors of any religion. It is open daily 8:30am-6pm (with occasional exceptions). There are information panels at several points around the Cathedral, and an exhibition space (Inspire, click on the link to the left) which houses a computer giving further background to the Cathedral and the Catholic faith.

Guided tours are available for groups, but must be booked in advance. Tours can focus on the history and architecture of the building, the liturgical life of the Church or any aspect of Catholic belief and practice.

School groups are also welcome - please contact us for details.

Photographs may be taken inside the Cathedral, provided they are not for publication. Any requests to take photographs or video footage for publication or broadcast should be submitted in writing to the Cathedral Dean.

Contact details: click here.
Interpretation boards around the Cathedral help visitors to understand the building and its purpose
'Inspire', installed in 2006, is situated under the bell tower and includes a large exhibition case
The Cathedral's impressive 240ft spire is visible from many parts of Lancaster
The Cathedral features a number of unusual stained glass windows, such as this window depicting King Herod
The Holy Oils, used throughout the diocese of Lancaster in the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, ordination and anointing of the sick
A touchscreen computer gives details of the Cathedral and the Catholic faith
King Henry VIII, depicted in a stained glass window in the north transept